Diagnostic Radiographers

Diagnostic radiographers perform an important function within today’s health service. As the name suggests they perform functions relating to the diagnosis of conditions as opposed to the therapeutic radiographers who work with treatments such as for cancer. Diagnostic radiographers will do things such as X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasound and MRI Scans to help to diagnose conditions which could range for anything from a broken wrist to cancer.

Radiographers are highly trained and are intimately familiar with the anatomy, physiology and pathology giving them expert knowledge of the human body. The knowledge of the human body is the foundations to everything they do. Without it they couldn’t diagnose the conditions that they do.

On top of that a radiographer has to learn the workings of a number of high tech pieces of technology that they use to scan the body. For example an x-ray machine or a ultrasound machine. Using the results together with their knowledge of the human body allows them to diagnose successfully.

So while you often here about doctors, nurses and paramedics next time you think about the health service do not forget the radiographers who like all the other members of the health service are highly trained and offer an amazing service combining years of training in both the human body and technology to help us all when things go wrong.

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